Traditionally made fruit spread in a preserving jar
Scandilicious Netherlands supplies sustainably grown, biological products. Made in the traditional way in open kettles to ensure natural caramelization and an authentic “home-made” taste experience.

Our products
Jams, fruit spread without added sugar, marmalades, fruit syrups, fruit sauces, chutneys and traditional mustard. We supply more than 100 different kinds of top quality jam which gives us a unique position in the market. We offer our products in original preserving (Kilner) jars which guarantee a long shelf life as well as an exclusive, distinctive presentation.

We attach great importance to our customers’ health and therefore add no colouring, flavouring or aromatic agents, taste enhancers, preservatives or glucose to our products. For this reason all our products carry the Skal Biocontrole hallmark as a guarantee for a controlled biological production process.

Business Partners
Our partners are hotels, exclusive restaurants and retailers. We are passionate about our high quality products and would enjoy presenting them to you, without obligation. Our home base is the Netherlands but we can communicate with you in English or Swedish.